Criminal Complaint Against Elon Musk for Being a FETO Member


Metin Can Yılmaz, who was tried for crimes such as FETO membership and espionage, claimed that Elon Musk was a FETO member. Acting on the official criminal complaint, the prosecution decided that there was no room for an investigation for Musk.

opened after the coup attempt on 15 July 2016. FETÖ Something really funny happened in their case. One of the richest people in the world, who added space tourism to our lives with his works and changed the general course of the automotive industry. Elon Muskwithin the scope of investigations Accused of being a FETO member. So how did Musk, who probably didn’t even know what FETO was, came together with this organization?

The source of the interesting event, Metin Can Yilmaz a FETO detainee. One of the arguments in the accusation of Yılmaz, who is accused of espionage as well as being a member of the organization, is the privacy-focused messaging application. Signal. You will have those who remember; Elon Musk mentioned the application in question in the days when WhatsApp’s controversial terms of use update were discussed. Even making a post on the subject, Musk said, “Use SignalHe made a post that he said. investigation He argued that it should be opened.

“I’m making an official complaint against Elon Musk”


The defendant named Metin Can Yılmaz, who was tried by the Ankara 16th High Criminal Court, “I will expose those who use Signal. Like Elon Musk. According to the news of Sabah Newspaper, the man using Signal is either a provincial imam or a district imam.. I’m filing an official criminal complaint against Elon Musk. The man both uses and encourages. Elon Musk should be investigated if an indictment is prepared about me based on the news of Sabah Newspaper and an opinion is prepared about Enver Altaylı. This man is guilty. This guy is for using Signal, encouraging it to be used an internal communication program recommends it to everyone.” he made a criminal complaint against Elon Musk before the court committee. Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s OfficeHe had to direct it to


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The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, which had to evaluate the defendant’s report, About Elon Musk made a decision. Announcing that there is no place for an investigation for Musk within the scope of this decision, the prosecutor’s office stated the reason for the decision. Paragraph 6 of Article 158 of the Criminal Procedure Code showed as. This paragraph contains the following statements:

In case it is clearly understood without the need for any investigation that the act subject to the notification or complaint does not constitute a crime, or if the denunciation and complaint is abstract and general in nature. there is no room for an investigation. the decision is made. In this case, the person complained of cannot be given the title of suspect. The decision not to carry out an investigation is notified to the informant or the complainant, if any, and an objection can be made against this decision in accordance with the procedure in Article 173. If the objection is accepted, the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor initiates the investigation proceedings. Transactions and decisions made pursuant to this paragraph are recorded in a system specific to them. These records can only be viewed by the public prosecutor, judge or court.

While Turkey was dealing with this issue, Elon Musk continued to work on space travel, global internet connectivity and electric vehicles…

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