Crisply composed: The pictures of the week (KW 04)


Some photographers tell an entire story by skilfully directing their gaze in one shot. Others use a single crisp accent to grab attention. The selected pictures of the day of the past week are characterized by their composition. The recording Litschi by Mario Messer, who goes by the name of Sekundante in the c’t photo gallery, sets such an accent by placing the bright red fruit in front of a black background almost in the middle of the picture. She immediately catches the eye. Only a little later does the viewer notice the scattered white sugar and thus almost inevitably associate the sweetness of the fruit.

Also in the photo man thing by Otto Hitzgart – the picture of the day from last Saturday – the composition, along with the black and white implementation, is of crucial importance for the visual effect. You can read a sample of the different associations the photo triggers in viewers in the comments on it in the gallery – very delicious.

The portrait is also simply composed and nevertheless – or perhaps because of it – impressiveProud Lioness“, which Hubert Zimmerer alias “Berth” recorded in Botswana on the edge of a pan out of the car. It impressively underlines the majestic appearance of the big cat. You can find more examples of clear and tightly designed shots in the photo gallery.

man thing

The comment from gallery member ‘kapitaen’ hits the nail on the head: “Just a bit of white and black, the simplest, almost primitive composition. And that’s exactly why: CLASS!” Otto Hitzgard writes about his photo: “Since I usually have a camera with me when I’m on the road, these clear lines inspired me when I went to the toilet, in a restaurant. My brain immediately switched to sw!” (Image: Otto Hitzgard)

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