Criteria in the Coronavirus Risk Map May Change

It was claimed that the Ministry of Health was considering changing the criteria in the coronavirus risk map. According to the information obtained, although the number of cases was booming, the lack of density in hospitals led to such a decision. The reason for the lack of density in hospitals is attributed to vaccination.

Entering our lives as of March 1 “Controlled Normalization“A new claim about the period has come to the agenda. According to a report in Sabah Newspaper, experts are in the coronavirus risk map. the colors they plan to change. The reason why such a thing is planned is the general situation in hospitals.

According to the information obtained, although there is an explosion in coronavirus cases, hospitals are relatively good they are in. It is stated that the reason for this is vaccination studies that have been going on for a while. With the vaccination of citizens aged 65 and over, experts who found a decrease in hospitalizations, especially in intensive care units, relax They attribute their number one reason to this. That’s why changes can be made to the coronavirus risk map.

“Very high risk” provinces can be included in the “high risk” category.

Coronavirus risk map

According to the information in the related news, experts will make some changes in the criteria that allow the risk color to be determined. As a result of these changes, the risk map, will be redesigned. In this context, the red color used in “very high risk” provinces, the rate of 100 positive cases per 100 thousand people Can be upgraded to 200 expressed. In the event of such a thing, most of the provinces that are currently very high risk will fall into the high risk category. Of course, with such an arrangement, there will be an increase in the number of blue-colored, that is, low-risk cities.


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Ministry of Health officials or first person Fahrettin Kocahas not made such a statement for the time being. Consequently, in order to learn the most correct development, the official explanation to be made on the subject need to wait.

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