Cross-border police listening center: Technical planning is complete


The planned joint police monitoring center of five eastern states has passed a stage. In the past few months, all technical plans have been drawn up and coordinated with the state data protection officer, said the head of the center, Ulf Lehmann. The states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Berlin and Brandenburg want to bundle telecommunications surveillance (TKÜ) of serious criminals in the interception center in Leipzig.

By 2021, the joint competence and service center (GKDZ), as its official name is supposed to be able to work, will initially go into a trial run. After various test phases, it should then gradually take over the TKÜ tasks of the federal states. "When this very complex IT process is finished, it cannot be answered seriously at the present time," said Lehmann. According to the decision of 2017, the GKDZ should go into operation in 2019.

The procurement of the necessary computing technology is now starting. The award is advertised. Originally, it was expected to cost 15 million euros. For reasons of public procurement law, it is not yet possible to say what amount it will actually be in the end.

The participating countries expect the monitoring center to work more effectively. Instead of five data centers in five countries, there should only be one in the future. Then five countries no longer have to search for IT experts who are difficult to find anyway. The listening center is said to have 35 employees. A first nationwide job advertisement was launched in 2019, with more to follow.

Investigators can use telecommunications surveillance to investigate serious crimes – such as murder, terror, child pornography, rape or gang violence. Then landline connections or cell phones, but also communication via messenger such as WhatsApp can be tapped.


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