Cross-platform development: POCO C ++ Libraries 1.11 introduce ActiveRecord

The portable C ++ libraries of the POCO project have been released in version 1.11 after a long break in development. The highlight of the release introduces POCO ActiveRecord, a lightweight object-relational mapping framework (ORM) based on the Active Record Pattern and a data library. Developers should save themselves the need to write a lot of boilerplate code for general database calls such as finding an object by its ID or deleting objects.

As the project publisher announced on GitHub, version 1.11 also closes a number of gaps and problems from previous editions. According to GitHub, the current release 118 has fixed known issues. A number of external libraries have been updated, so POCO C ++ Libraries 1.11 supports the following external library packages: expat in version 2.4.1, PCRE in version 8.44, the latest master version of pdjson and SQLite in version 3.35.5.

Among other things, numerous problems with the Clang compiler have been resolved, Zip and SevenZip are no longer dependent on Util, XML or JSON and iterating over Var with empty containers no longer results in an “Out of range” exception. According to the GitHub entry, the documentation has been freed from a number of spelling errors, and the POCO team was also able to eliminate some content-related errors or bring the content up to date. This affects the documentation for Poco/JSON/Parser.h and an update in the area of ​​the constants in the setContentType.

The team mentions improvements that Poco / Crypto no longer supports SSL23, the feat(SharedLibrary) offers users a more detailed error description and the JSON parser should now copy entire JSON documents into memory when parsing from a stream. Undefined behavior has been disposed of elsewhere, the functionality should now be improved overall thanks to the numerous bug fixes. A comprehensive View the list of fixed issues.

Anyone interested in Release 1.11 will find a summary with further links in the blog entry on the POCO project website. A look at the revised documentation might also be worthwhile, especially for the newly introduced Active Record Patterns.

The POCO C ++ Libraries are a collection of C ++ libraries for cross-platform development of applications that can be network or browser-based and on the desktop as well as on servers, mobile devices, in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) and can run in embedded systems. According to the publisher, it is the aim of the publisher to simplify C ++ development through the POCO library collection. POCO is open source and available on GitHub. In addition to the free basic version, the project also offers an extended Pro version, especially for remote work with C ++ when implementing REST APIs, microservices, web services and distributed applications. An overview of the entire project is provided by the POCO website.


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