“Crowd” Warning from RTÜK to Media Organizations


Radio and Television Supreme Council Chairman Ebubekir Şahin sent a letter to media organizations about the images of the curfews. In the article, it was asked to use images of empty avenues and streets instead of crowds.

Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK)examined the news about the complete closure. In a letter sent to media organizations from RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin, in the news about the complete closure images of empty streets was asked to use.

In the post sent “The purpose of our reminder is for our health nationally we worked hard to contribute to ending the period of complete closure properly “ statements took place. It was pointed out that the nature of the archive was not specified in the crowded street footage.

Here is the article from RTÜK

empty street

“Especially in the period of complete closure, at first news bulletins The presence of crowded images in the background in many programs, especially, causes a misunderstanding that people do not obey the rules and that law enforcement officers do not fulfill their duties.

As it is known, the clause (ı) of the first paragraph of Article 8 of the Law No. 6112 on the Establishment of Radio and Television Services and Broadcasting Services says’ … archive or animation quality and the source of the news received from agencies or another media source must be specified. ‘ provision is included.


Which Workplaces Will Be Open and Closed During the Period of Total Closure?

For this reason, in the broadcasts made to conclude the complete closure period, which we have been carrying out with great sacrifices by the whole nation, instead of crowded images using empty street and street images It should be indicated that the images are archive in case of necessity.

We kindly request your needs, we wish you good work. “

Full closure will last until the end of the feast

empty street


Leaving the House is Free to Feed the Animals During Full Shutdown: But Prove Needed

In the previous statements, the complete closing process End of Ramadan It was announced that it will continue until May 17, 2021. During this process, a circular was published on who can go out, under what conditions and at what times.

In another statement made today during the complete closure process, our citizens our animal friends in the streets and shelters Details on how to feed it were revealed.

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