Crucial P5: NVMe SSD creates 3.4 GB / s


Micron subsidiary Crucial introduced the P5 called NVMe SSD, a fast M.2-2280 model with PCIe Gen3 support. The manufacturer uses a self-developed controller and uses its own flash memory with three bits per cell (triple level cell). The SSD manages up to 3.4 GB / s reading and up to 3 GB / s writing; the two smaller models only manage a significantly lower write rate of 1.4 GB / s.

Unlike the slower Crucial P2 with Phison E13T controller, the Crucial P5 has hardware encryption. The NVMe SSD is to be offered with a capacity of 250 GB to 2 TB, so far there is no price or availability. Crucial gives a five-year warranty on the P5 SSD.

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