Crucial: The X6 is a compact external 2 TB SSD


Crucial has introduced the X6 Portable SSD, an external SSD with a USB-C connector. It follows the X8 (test), but is slower and cheaper. The X6 Portable SSD is much more compact at 69 x 64 x 11 mm, but there are models like the Adata SE800 that even have significantly less volume at higher speeds.

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The X6 Portable SSD works internally with a SATA instead of an NVMe interface, externally it is connected via a USB-C cable. Unlike the X8 Portable SSD, Crucial does not include an adapter from USB-C to USB-A with the X6. Due to the Sata SSD inside, the sequential transfer rate of the X6 Portable SSD with up to 540 MB per second is only about half as fast as that of the X8 Portable SSD. Small files or if the write cache is full are processed more slowly anyway because the controller is often limiting.

Crucial did not provide any technical details about the hardware of the X6 Portable SSD. The only thing that is clear is that in-house 3D flash memory from the parent company Micron is used. Since the X8 Portable SSD is already equipped with inexpensive QLC-NAND, we expect the same type of flash memory for the X8 Portable SSD. For the controller, an externally purchased model from Phison or Silicon Motion would be conceivable, because the chip developed in-house for the Crucial P5 supports purely NVMe and would be too expensive.

Crucial CT1000X8SSD9 1TB X8 Portable SSD – Up to 1050MB / s – USB 3.2 – USB-C, USB-A

Crucial sells the X6 Portable SSD for 155 US dollars (1 TB) and 285 US dollars (2 TB), the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty. For comparison: the X8 Portable SSD with 1 TByte is currently available for about 130 euros, the 2-TByte model was also announced today and should cost 330 US dollars.

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