Crypto theft: Hacker transfers loot back and rejects a reward


After an unknown hacker stole cryptocurrency worth more than 600 million US dollars, the amount has now been transferred back in full. The affected interoperability platform PolyNetwork now offers the hacker a reward, which he does not accept.

In a statement on Twitter PolyNetwork confirms the full reimbursement of the amount stolen. In it they address the perpetrator as a white hat hacker. This is understood to be ethical computer hackers who, among other things, alert companies to vulnerable systems.

In this case, the perpetrator pretended to be a “keeper” through weak points in the smart contacts and thus transferred the coins and tokens to any wallet. The victims called on the perpetrator to transfer the amounts back, which he did. Therefore, they assume a good deed and classify the incident as a bug bounty hunt.

Accordingly, it is now offering the hacker a reward of $ 500,000. As far as we know, the hacker does not accept the reward. From a FAQ published on Twitter with the perpetrator among other things, it emerges that he never wanted to keep the money. According to the information, it really appears to be a white hat hacker. The biggest crypto theft to date took place on August 10th.


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