Cryptocurrency Included in Mastercard’s Payment System

Cryptocurrencies are also included in Mastercard’s payment system. It was stated that Mastercard will work with Bakkt, the crypto money institution, for this new change.

Mastercardis preparing to add cryptocurrencies to its payment system. According to the news of Foreks, Mastercard; to banks and institutions in their customer network in the near future, Possibility to include cryptocurrencies in their products will provide.

Foreks stated that within the framework of this new program, crypto money credit cards, reward cards, debit cards, and Bitcoin wallets will also be included in the system. Mastercard, a cryptocurrency institution for the system to work Baked It was reported that he would work with

Mastercard has had a conservative stance towards digital assets to date

Mastercard and crypto

Digital asset startup Bakkt today announced its launch with Mastercard, which includes offering cryptocurrency services to its bank and Bakkt-backed fintech partners. a comprehensive partnership announced that it was established. With the partnership, Mastercard customers will now be able to offer cryptocurrencies as rewards through solutions provided by Bakkt and exchange reward points with cryptocurrencies if they wish. swap can.

Sherri Haymond of Mastercard, who made a statement about the new deal “Together with Bakkt and building on our principled approach to innovation, we will not only empower our partners to offer dynamic digital asset options, but also deliver distinctive customer experiences.” used the phrases.


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More against digital assets conservative Considering that it has adopted a stance, it can be said that this development is a relatively big step for Mastercard. Mastercard, which has been providing crypto money cards to customers of crypto money exchanges for a while, has changed this situation with the new agreement. going beyond the stock market looks like.

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