Customer centricity – what about the customer experience?

Implement customer centricity

In theory, e-commerce, but also companies from other segments, realize that customer loyalty is the key to success. In practice, however, many companies struggle with outdated technologies. They can decisively slow down business development. The solution to this could be low-code to redesign customer centricity. Since fewer resources are required for implementation, software development could be accelerated and costs could even be reduced.

80 percent of the companies surveyed see low code as a good alternative for implementing customer loyalty. For example, new functions could be added to outdated applications. According to the survey, more than half of companies (52 percent) spend the majority of their budget on maintenance. It could be used differently in the future.

Low code could also counteract the shortage of skilled workers. A third of those surveyed stated that it was difficult to find developers or UX designers. That’s why market researchers from Gartner assume that by 2024 around 80 percent of technology products and services will be developed by people who are not IT experts.

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Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet

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