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This underlines the growing importance for companies to adapt the digital experience during online shopping to the new customer demands.

Almost 55 percent of the 2,000 consumers surveyed in Germany do not want brands to lump all other customers together. Rather, they expect an individual approach – which increases the likelihood that they will shop there again later. This mentality is reflected across Europe: in Italy, 70 percent of consumers have this attitude, in Spain 63 percent, in the UK 62 percent and in France 59 percent. Around 42 percent of those surveyed in Germany pay particular attention to whether brands have really understood their personal preferences – such as communication via certain channels or personalized discount and special offers.

Customer experience according to Corona: the customer is king, the buying experience its queen

For 36.2 percent of those surveyed, a single bad shopping experience is enough to permanently turn away from a brand. In addition, 51.7 percent no longer believe in the concept of “lifelong customers”. This shows that brands can no longer rely on customer loyalty. It is therefore essential to ensure a good digital customer experience that is based on those aspects that consumers particularly value:

  • 65.6 percent of those surveyed say that a simple search function is very important to them.
  • In addition, almost 38 percent welcome it when a brand’s website has an auto-fill function that remembers previous customer input.
  • In addition, consumers expect brands to be committed to protecting their personal information. Such a commitment convinced more than 38 percent to spend more money with this company.

“The corona pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for accelerated digitization across all industries. As consumer expectations have shifted as well, companies are now in an urgent need to rethink their communications with customers, ”said Lou Blatt, Senior Vice President and CMO at OpenText. “Consumers now expect more use from the brands: more communication channels, a higher degree of personalization and – above all – a more continuous, more networked digital experience. In order to establish customer relationships, develop them further and establish them permanently, brands must be able to create highly effective and highly personalized communication across all touchpoints and channels. ”

Post-COVID communication

For almost 51 percent of the consumers surveyed in Germany, the events of the past year have changed their expectations of the digital experience. Around 35 percent have even got used to “digital-only” companies in the wake of the pandemic. Almost 13 percent go so far as to reject a brand if it cannot offer a compelling online buying experience. And for almost 37 percent, a personalized digital experience is decisive for returning to a brand. According to the survey results, consumers also have a clear view of which companies have best mastered the challenges of creating an optimal digital shopping experience over the past year. Almost 43 percent of respondents agree that large, established companies were able to provide smoother digital customer experiences than small companies during the pandemic.

“For a convincing customer experience after Corona, any” potential for friction “must be removed and the relevance increased: The easier something can be implemented and the more relevant it is for the customer, the better the buying experience,” says Guy Hellier, Vice President, Product Management at OpenText. “Today’s customer expects that the entire buying experience – from finding the right product to confirming the order – can take place at any time across different devices and platforms without sacrificing personalization. For brands, this means that they have to invest in a digital experience platform that allows them to seamlessly integrate data, information and assets into different environments. Brands that do not rely on such a platform cannot meet expectations in terms of personalization. As a result, it is difficult to win customers and keep them permanently. ”

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