Cyber ​​attack on oil company Pemex: Cyberganove demands 4.5 million ransom

After a cyber attack on the Mexican oil company Pemex, the company faces a blackmail attempt. Pemex is a serious company and therefore will not pay, said Mexico's Energy Minister Rocío Nahle on Wednesday in front of reporters in Veracruz.

After a report from El Financiero For example, a cybercriminal had demanded a ransom of 565 Bitcoin, equivalent to around 4.5 million euros, to decrypt data encrypted during last Sunday's cyber attack.

Pemex had said that attempted cyber attacks had been "neutralized", The function of at least five percent of the company's computers is affected. However, the production plant is not affected by the attack, according to Pemex's statement. The operation continues normally. The production, and the supply of fuel is assured. There would be no bottlenecks in the stock. As the company said, it would now work to increase computer security measures.

Pemex is one of the world's most heavily indebted energy companies. The liabilities currently amount to nearly 100 billion US dollars, despite help from the Mexican government.

Cyberattacks with Blackmail Trojans had already made headlines several times in the past. In May and June 2017, for example, there were two major waves that affected Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf, the Danish shipping company Maersk, carmaker Renault, hospitals in Great Britain and Deutsche Bahn. (with dpa material) /