Cyber ​​Attack Technique Discovered That Can Mix Traffic


Dutch cybersecurity experts realized that there was a cyber attack technique that could paralyze the traffic of ten different cities in the country. This technique can be achieved thanks to a vulnerability in mobile applications that are prepared for bicycles and integrate them with traffic lights.

A Dutch-based cyber security company ZolderThe founders of the country discovered a new cyber attack technique that can be used in at least 10 cities in the country. Nationwide traffic lights If this attack had been carried out by black hat hackers, there could be massive traffic jams in the Netherlands. Fortunately, cybersecurity researchers Rik van Duijn and Wesley Neelen state that their purpose is simply curiosity.

Bicycle paths have become important in many parts of the world. Even in some countries, such as the Netherlands, there are special systems that make bicycle users’ jobs easier. These systems with mobile applications It integrates lighted traffic lights for bicycles and determines the most comfortable and fastest route for a cyclist to reach the route he has set. Moreover, during this service, the lights used for bicycles are flashed green and vehicle traffic is stopped. Here is the Zolder founders between this mobile app and traffic lights. integration that could disrupt they discovered there was a security vulnerability.

Traffic light

Cybersecurity researchers actively used in the Netherlands two apps they concentrated on. By doing the reverse engineering process on these applications, the researchers were able to simulate the bicycles and make the traffic lights turn green for the bikes. Moreover, reverse engineering processes have noticed that both applications have the same vulnerability.


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According to statements by Rik van Duijn and Wesley Neelen, using these vulnerabilities to lock traffic to 10 different cities in the Netherlands from anywhere in the world possible. Stating that the same vulnerabilities can be found in the versions of the mobile applications in different countries, cyber security experts said that it is so much to kill the traffic in many countries of the world. it’s not difficult they express

Traffic light

Dujin and Neelen said that the mobile applications in question were used as pilot applications in many parts of the Netherlands and that every day is widespread He says. Stating that they are wondering how the application is integrated with the traffic system of the country and how the bicycles are transmitted to the main center, cyber security experts said, they wait they express

Cyber ​​security experts, the discovered vulnerability of the said applications developers They shared with. The developers have also started the necessary work to address this vulnerability. However, the vulnerabilities in question have so far been detected by other hackers. for innocent purposes Even if it is used or not, it remains a mystery for now.

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