Cyber ​​Fraud Gang That Swindles Many People


Esra Boğazlıyan, a Habertürk editor, stated that a Nigerian-based gang who defrauded many people before was also trying to defraud her. Boğazlıyan stated that BTK took action after the news he made.

We have reported various fraudulent news to you many times before. This time we will talk about the emergence of a scam. Tried to be scammed and The person who revealed it is one of the Habertürk editors Esra Bogazliyan.

Esra Boğazlıyan, who said that a person who introduced herself as Captain Michael Butler, who was assigned to Incirlik Base, contacted her for a camera he had put up for sale, fraud attempt He states that he realized that he was.

The resulting fraud attempt

cyber fraud

Bank of AmericaIn an e-mail from, Haberturk editor realized that this was a fraud attempt when he saw that Captain Butler had deposited the price of the camera and the cargo money into the pool account of the bank, the tracking number was entered in the e-mail address after the camera was shipped, and the money would be transferred to his account. He describes the event as follows:

“However, with a short research I saw hundreds, maybe thousands of people were victimized in this way. One of the most striking details in my correspondence with the person who introduced himself as Captain Michael Butler for a few days is that the so-called US soldier gave the name of a cargo company and the camera. surely from this cargo company It was that he insisted on sending me.

In my research, fraudulent through e-commerce sites and I saw that this gang, known to be Nigerian, always gave the names of the same cargo company to the people they hacked. The people who were defrauded or tried to be defrauded by this gang always emphasized the same thing while telling about their experiences on various forum sites. All of them have the same story. All of them are looking for a US soldier serving in Incirlik, and they always want the cargo with the same cargo company. Those who want to use another shipping company are immediately blocked from WhatsApp. “

cyber fraud


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Esra Boğazlıyan stated that BTK contacted her after reporting this fraud attempt, which she noticed, and explained what happened afterwards as follows:

“Yesterday, early in the morning, officials in the postal sector called the BTK and said that they had read my article and that they started to deal with this issue immediately. They asked the name of the said cargo company. I spoke again. I have to say that BTK took this job very seriously and started to do a very comprehensive research on the said cargo company. ‘This fraud gang why always with the same cargo company is working? How has there been an increase in the number of cargoes sent from this company to Nigeria and Sweden in the last few years? Looking for answers to questions like. I hope the research will be completed in a short time. I would like to thank the BTK officials for their sensitivity. “

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