Cyber ​​Security in Turkey, the most risky in terms of the Day: Wednesday


WatchGuard, in a research made by Turkey and determine which day the most risky in terms of cyber security. In the statements made on the subject, it was stated that hackers often prefer Wednesday. The reason for this is that the day when the companies are busiest is Wednesday.

With the widespread use of the Internet and our lives getting more digital every day cyber securitywas of great importance. While it is getting more and more difficult to protect from the attacks of hackers, everyone who has access to the Internet is at great risk. A recent survey of Turkey’s see if, in terms of cyber attacks The most dangerous It was clear which day was.

US-based company, a popular safety net vendor WatchGuard‘S Turkey unit of Internet users in our country, and the company did a study closely. Laboratory research conducted by WatchGuard Threat hackers orchestrating attacks in Turkey, most of which day is revealed. According to a survey hackers week, especially in Turkey the first three daysThey continue their work at an intense pace.

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Hackers’ malware attacks most commonly happen on Wednesdays

According to research by the WatchGuard Threat Lab, hackers are most likely to attack malware Wednesday They are performing. Research conducted for the first month of 2020, hackers exactly 213 thousand 549 malware attack shows that it was held on Wednesday. According to WatchGuard, hackers are trying to capitalize on the weekly intensity of the company and employees.

According to the research of WatchGuard, hackers, network attacks for those who prefer the most friday. Even more interesting is the hackers, they beg on weekends. According to research by the WatchGuard Threat Lab to Turkey cyber attack against hackers, on weekends they are lowering their activities. This is a warning for companies that do not have advanced security systems.