CZN Burak Made Massive Advertisement in Burj Khalifa

Famous phenomenon CZN Burak, who has millions of followers on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, made a giant advertisement in Burj Khalifa for his new restaurant to be opened in Dubai. The famous name published the reflection of his own photograph in the 828-meter building.

In our country CZN Burak Burak Özdemir, the internet phenomenon known by his name, is the world’s largest building in Dubai. Burj KhalifaHe projected an advertisement to. 828 meters While CZN Burak’s picture was published in the gigantic building of the length, these images were shared from the social media accounts of the famous phenomenon.

Burak Özdemir, whose main job is conducting, is a restaurant It hurts. The phenomenon, which advertises the new restaurant to be opened under the name of CZN Burak Dubai with the world’s largest building, was also on the agenda in social media. While the post he shared on his Instagram account received more than 775 thousand likes in 4 hours, he became one of the most talked about names on Twitter. Currently Twitter agenda of Turkey Burak CZN 2nd place, is among the largest phenomenon of our country with the number of followers.

CZN Burak made a statement from his Twitter account

Burak Özdemir shared a video with his huge advertisement in Burj Khalifa on his Twitter account, “May Allah be pleased with all those who support me with their beautiful messages. I will continue to do whatever I can as a brother. How happy I was that we started a new journey with our teammates.“He made a statement.