Daffodil becomes a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation


The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has named Daffodil a top-level project. The project developed at the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is an implementation of the Data Format Description Language (DFDL). It aims to exchange any data by transferring fixed data formats in data structures such as XML and JSON. The name builds the bridge between the pronounced acronym DFDL and the English word for daffodil, which serves as the project’s logo.

Apache Daffodil aims to process large amounts of data in companies. The software is primarily intended to help transfer complex and legacy content in XML or JSON so that the data can be analyzed and processed using standard tools.

The Data Format Description Language is a specification that arose at the Open Grid Forum, which sees itself as an open, global platform for advanced distributed systems (Advanced Distributed Computing). For DFDL, some schemes are available on GitHub including vCard, Cobol-Data, EDIFACT and IBM4690-TLOG. The graphic formats PNG, GIF, JPEG and BMP can also be found in the list.

Daffodil is set up as a library on the Java Virtual Machine and requires Java 8. The tool can be used via the command line. The release brings the script files by default daffodil for Linux and daffodil.bat for Windows in the / bin directory with.

There are also APIs for Java and Scala. Daffodil can also be integrated directly into the data processing framework Apache NiFi and XML Calabash, an implementation of the XML Pipeline Language

(Image: ASF)

The project was originally created in 2009 at NCSA, which handed it over to the Apache Software Foundation in 2017. There, like all Apache projects, it first had to prove its maturity in the so-called incubator, which the ASF has now recognized with its appointment as a top-level project. Companies that use Daffodil include DARPA, GE Research, Naval Postgraduate School, Owl Cyber ​​Defense, Perspecta Labs, and Raytheon BBN Technologies.

Daffodil is already the fifth data processing project to have received the highest honors from the open source organization in the past few weeks. In January the data analysis tool Superset and the visualization library ECharts received top-level status, and in February the analysis library DataSketches and the data processing framework Gobblin followed.

Further details can be found in the Find the announcement in the Apache blog.


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