Dangerous Current Trending at TikTok: Salt Challenge

A repulsive and dangerous trend emerged among TikTok users. In the current called 'Salt Challenge', people pour lots of salt into their mouths.

Many strange trends have appeared at TikTok to date. This time, however, it came as a strange and dangerous challenge. TikTok users, Salt Challenge In the challenge they call, they pour salt in their mouths with a box and then invite someone else to do so.

Filling people's mouth with salt is more than disgusting. dangerous. Experts recommend people not to participate in this activity and underline that eating too much salt can have bad consequences for human health, both in the short and long term.

tiktok salt challenge

Eating too much salt depends on how much it is eaten. can poison. The high amount of salt entering the body can raise sodium levels, causing intense thirst, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. It can also lead to seizures, putting people in a coma and causing fatal consequences.

In the long term, eating too much salt in your daily life, your blood pressure effects. This is because the sodium in salt is a water trap and your heart is working harder to pump the high amount of fluid needed. Consuming too much salt can also cause cardiovascular disorders such as heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure, headache, kidney stones and kidney diseases.

Doctors have consumed too much salt in case they feel uncomfortable drinking water recommend. He also states that if the disturbed person is out of breath, seizures or loses consciousness, they should call emergency services. In our opinion, the best thing is not to go crazy about the salt challenge.

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