Data espionage: Telekom works council pleads for Huawei spell

In the dispute over dealing with the Chinese network outfitter Huawei, the Telekom works council chairman has spoken out for a tough pace. "In the medium term – that is, in about two to three years – we have to do without Huawei in the mobile network in order to minimize the danger of Chinese data espionage in German industry and politics," said employee representative Josef Bednarski of the German Press Agency. The influence of Beijing on the Chinese company is great, he could always forward data to China's government. "With Huawei network technology, as well as with network components of other Chinese providers, backdoors are always possible, over which Beijing has exact insight."

Bednarski, however, is against an immediate ban from Huawei. "That would hinder the development of the 5G mobile radio standard in Germany and we would be lagging behind in this important technology," he warned. Currently, no massive and fast expansion in Germany would be possible without Huawei, he pointed out.

The telecoms employee representative sees now above all Brussels in the obligation. "The EU must enable and promote a strong European network equipment industry." In addition to market leader Huawei, the Swedish company Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia are currently playing a major role as network outfitters. These companies and possibly other domestic companies should be strengthened by politics. "It is immensely important that Europe retains sovereignty over its data and, in a data-driven globalized world, will not be crushed between China and the US in the future." It would also be good if such a subsidy would create more jobs in the EU.

This employee representative takes a different attitude than the company's top currently doing this officially. Although the media had recently reported that the Bonn-based company wanted to renounce Huawei in the "core network" within two years. A company spokesman, however, said that they continue to rely on a "multi-vendor strategy" – that is, on several suppliers of network components.

Even in politics, there are different views on Huawei. The Federal Network Agency, which is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, does not want Huawei to block access to Germany in principle. However, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), is against participation of the Chinese state-owned company in the 5G expansion.


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