Data leaks at Yahoo: Affected people can now apply for compensation online


Users of the Yahoo email service who live in the USA or Israel and whose data were compromised due to the extensive leaks between 2013 and 2016 can now apply for compensation online. Yahoo has made a total of $ 117.5 million available for this purpose. Due to the fact that credit card details were also leaked, as an alternative to financial compensation, those affected can also apply for credit monitoring (at least two years). This would allow unauthorized access or debits to be discovered.

Yahoo and the representatives of the approximately 194 million leaks from the United States and Israel, who had been affected by the leaks, agreed on the sum of $ 117.5 million last year as part of a settlement. At that time, however, the approval of the responsible district court in California was still pending. Like among other things The Register now reported, Yahoo has informed those affected via e-mail this week about the new developments and the possibility of applying for compensation.

In August 2013, attackers hacked around three billion Yahoo user accounts, collecting personal information such as names, birth dates, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and security questions. In December 2014, there was another attack, in which customer data was again captured. The Yahoo security team investigated the incidents too late and only informed the public in 2016. At this point, the hackers had been active several times and had penetrated webmail accounts. They are also said to have been active in 2015 and 2016 and to target individual users.

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US and Israel users can now find on a dedicated website detailed information on the right to compensation. An online application form is available under "File Claim"; multilingual videos are intended to help fill out the forms.

Those affected stand in Yahoo's online form Two options to choose from: You can either request a credit monitoring service paid by Yahoo for at least two years, or you can request financial compensation. According to Yahoo, this should amount to at least $ 100 per person, but could also be higher: up to $ 385.80 should be possible. The latter, however, only on condition that the applicant documents exactly what costs have arisen from attacks based on the leaks or from precautionary measures taken after the leak, for example in the form of credit monitoring that has already taken place.


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