Dawn Operation in 8 Provinces Against Thodex: 62 People Detained


There has been a new development regarding the Thodex stock exchange, which has been on the agenda for a while. Law enforcement officers carried out a dawn operation in the morning, raiding 8 provinces based in Istanbul. During these raids, 62 people thought to be related to Thodex were detained.

Istanbul Police Department’s Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch carried out a large-scale operation on the crypto currency exchange named Thodex, which has been on the agenda for several days. While the Istanbul-based operation has spread with 8; the purpose of the operation, Thodex suspect 78 people were caught. The number of people caught within the scope of the operation was announced as 62.

The operation, which was carried out at around 06:00 in the morning, was carried out with great care. Persons caught within the scope of the operation While detention procedures are being carried outThe interrogation processes of these people continue. However Thodex the founder and CEO Continuing its mission Faruk Fatih Özer and that makes exit from Turkey that you haven’t been caught yet it should also be said.

What happened?


Thodex is crypto-currency exchange, sat on Turkey’s agenda with users reporting. Allegedly, this exchange offers users withdrawals and transfer in transactions was causing difficulties. In addition, healthy returns have not been received for a while, and the citizens who went to the headquarters of the company could not find anyone. While users of the stock market continue to talk about this issue on Twitter, There was an improvement. Faruk Fatih Özer closed social media accounts without any explanation to hundreds of thousands of users, He went to Turkey.

sitting on Turkey’s agenda this event, law enforcement was followed by. Police raided the office where Thodex headquarters is located, the computers where Thodex-related transactions were carried out. they confiscated. also Ministry of Treasury and Finance also taking action on the issue Thodex of all accounts in Turkey blocked. However, on the one hand, while official developments were taking place, on the other hand, numerous issues came up in the pool of claims. Among these issues, Faruk Fatih Özer’s farewell letter with their neighbors about the Özer family his statements was taking place. On the other hand, Thodex CEO in question that you denied the accusations it must be said clearly.

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