Day of action for digital participation on June 18th – eCommerce Magazin


  • The nationwide day of action for digital participation will take place on June 18, 2021.
  • The “Digital for All” initiative presents ten of the more than 500 registered campaigns.
  • Interested organizations can still register their own actions.

To promote digital participation, 27 organizations from the fields of civil society, culture, science, business, welfare and the public sector have come together in the “Digital for All” initiative. On June 18, the alliance set up the second nationwide Day of action for digital participation out. With numerous events in Germany, the Digital Day will show ways to digital participation and create spaces for debates.

More than 500 events in various formats for digital participation in all areas of society have already been announced. The “Digital for All” initiative is presenting ten campaigns as an example. The full range of events can be explored on an action map and accessed specifically atüberview. Own formats can be used free of charge until June 7th here be registered.

Digital day: events on various topics

The Digital Day is about the following topics:

  • Society and the environment
  • education and Science
  • Economy and Innvotion
  • health
  • security
  • Politics and administration
  • Culture and media
  • Urban and countryside
  • sport and freetime
  • Work and life

The following organizations, among others, present their projects:

BAGSO – Federal Association of Senior Citizens’ Organizations: Can artificial intelligence make everyday life easier for older people, and if so, how does it work?
BAGSO is investigating this question together with 16 local partners in the project “Promoting the digital sovereignty of older people with AI technologies”. The online event will provide initial answers to these questions – and it will be explained in which areas technologies based on artificial intelligence have already found their way.

Adult Education Center Neuss: Digital lesson design: cartoons with smartphone and tablet.
In the age of smartphones, even cinema blockbusters are shot with mini cameras. The devices have long since acted not only as video cameras, but also as painting pads or cameras. Creative films can be made with little effort. The experts at the Neuss Adult Education Center explain how to implement your own projects and what is necessary for them. And it actually doesn’t take anything more than a smartphone or tablet.

Book halls Hamburg and Hamburg open online University: Technology, ethics, future – what do you think?
Genetic engineering, big data, artificial intelligence: the vocabulary of digitization is becoming more and more popular. But how does the technology behind it work? Who makes them – and who makes the rules? The Hamburg library and the Hamburg open online University want to discuss the exciting interface between ethics and the future with young and old. An input from IT researcher Axel Dürkop is followed by practical parts and considerations in small groups, which are then discussed again in large groups.

Fraunhofer FOKUS / Digital Public Services: Corona warning app detector – dealing with the everyday companion.
It has been around for almost a year and since then it has been an everyday companion for many: the Corona warning app. In the workshop, experts from Fraunhofer FOKUS explain which radio technology the application is based on and how you can use this technical knowledge to look for the app in your own environment. Participants can use construction instructions to create a corona warning app detector themselves.

Consumer advice center NRW: Groceries from the Internet for the elderly.
Time savings, a larger selection and, last but not least, convenient home delivery – these are common reasons for shopping for groceries on the Internet. Especially in times of Corona, it is particularly attractive to have as few contacts as possible and at the same time avoid long journeys to the supermarket, looking for a parking space or lugging around heavy bags. But what do consumers really need to know about advantages and pitfalls or cold chains and hygiene? The North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center explains this in its online lecture.