DE-CIX: BND can branch 1.2 trillion connections per day


The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) can branch off 1.2 trillion connections a day at the DE-CIX Internet account in Frankfurt am Main. The operator of the largest internet node in the world has calculated for the Federal Constitutional Court in a lawsuit against the new BND law, like the mirror and the Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) report. Eight foreign journalists sued with the support of several civil rights organizations. A verdict will be announced on May 19.

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BR and Spiegel were also able to see the BND's internal regulations, in which the BND explains how it tries to ensure that data is separated from data that is not permitted. For example, the secret service is not allowed to record communication between Germans or communication in Germany. Although the BND relies on a multi-stage filtering process, in which, for example, the German IP addresses and telephone numbers are filtered out, it cannot completely guarantee that content that is allowed will only be recorded. In the selector affair, the BND passed on unchecked data to the NSA. In addition, the BND is said to have monitored journalists from the BBC and the New York Times.

Not all "protected traffic" could immediately "be recognized as such", the mirror quotes (Paywall) from the internal service regulations of the BND. That happens around 30 times a month. However, this does not necessarily include data passed on to friendly secret services.

In addition to the error versions, the documents also concern the privacy of those affected. Accordingly sentences like "I love you sweetheart" be captured while bugged "Communication with a purely sexual content" must be deleted again. The same applies to religious statements: "Oh my God" or "with Allah" may monitor the BND, but not long conversations about beliefs.

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