Death Stranding PS4 Game Review

Death Stranding, which looks at the facts like death from a different window, offers you one of the most different adventures you will play.
Death Stranding review: After the airborne theories, claims made from even the tiniest visuals, videos and long discussions, Hideo Kojima’s new work, Death Stranding, finally appeared. First of all, I am among the players who are happy to stand out from Hideo Kojima’s MGS series and find themselves in another project. Although the famous producer did very important works in his career, he spent most of this career with the MGS series. So I have to say that it makes me happy to sail new seas, try new stories and dynamics. So how successful is Death Stranding that he tried these innovations, and more importantly, is the game the “production we expect”? Let’s take a look together.

Death Stranding Review

Death Stranding takes place in a world that we can call post-apocalyptic and in the near future. We witness the story of people trying to survive after a big destruction compared to the Big Bang or the meteorite event that brought the end of the dinosaur generation. This destruction has been so great that we can say that the world is far and different from the world we know. As a matter of fact, this great destruction revealed supernatural events and some terms that we could not fully understand. At the beginning of these triggered supernatural events is the event called Death Stranding. We can simulate a corridor for Death Coast, a bridge used when crossing the other side. Every person has a bridge, the coast. However, if feelings such as regret and resentment prevail, a fiery desire to stick to this side emerges. This reveals the Chiral Beings, as well as opening the gates of different coasts.
The Coast of Death naturally brings along the Chiral beings, the other side, and the importance of the bond babies emerges here. At this point, of course, I will not explain all the terms or key points of the game. Because following the details of them in the game and trying to make sense of them is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. There are two key points I have to explain, though. These are Vineyard babies (BB) and Chiral Entities, which we also see in the game’s trailers.

The mystery element in the game continues until the end of the story.
We can summarize the Chiral Assets as assets that have connections with the other party and appear at certain points of the playing area. If someone is not burned in time in the world of the game, his body begins to secrete chiral substance and then he turns into a Chiral being. These ghost-like beings, which we see in the trailers, are scattered throughout most of the playground. If you get caught up in these beings that come out with chiral rains, you find yourself in a big boss battle. Unfortunately, the operation of boss wars has been left somewhat scarce in the game. The atmosphere made and changed from nothing works well, but you cannot find the depth you expect in boss battles. These bosses, which you can easily defeat if you have enough bombs, also disappear when you leave the area. This convenience also eliminated the feeling of catching chiral beings. So in the first place, you start to move fast and play goodbye after a certain period of time between these beings that you are tense, secretly advance, or even hold your breath. I can say that this situation kills the feeling of tension in the game.

Bond babies, on the other hand, are referred to as vehicles that feel these beings, or rather connected with the other side (people see it as a vehicle although it is alive). These babies, taken from the mother’s womb at the age of 28 weeks, are placed on incubators with the same conditions and help people to feel and avoid other beings. For this reason, we see babies who are mounted on character clothes.

In short, as soon as you start the game, you start to encounter many terms and events without getting the exact infrastructure. This naturally causes some confusion. The source of the big events and some dynamics in the game is not explained, but Kojima continues to gradually lay the foundation of this building he built himself as you progress. In other words, I can not say how the rudder carried the island like in the Lost series, but I can say that it manages to attain the integrity of the story and to explain its backbone.