Dennis Muilenburg: Boeing fires its CEO


Boeing chief Dennis Muilenburg resigns. He will be replaced by the previous Chairman of the Board of Directors David Calhoun on January 13, 2020. The departure is according to the news agency Reuters probably not done voluntarily. Muilenburg had been dismissed by the company. The group based its decision on the fact that a change of management is necessary to restore confidence. Muilenberg has been with Boeing for 34 years. In 1985 he started there as an intern.

Job market

  1. TEAM GmbH, Paderborn
  2. SMR Automotive Mirrors Stuttgart GmbH, Stuttgart

Recently, under Muilenburg's leadership, Boeing has made negative headlines, especially with the 737 Max aircraft. A machine crashed twice and killed 346 people. Since then, not a single 737 Max has flown to customers. That won't change until 2020, when additional software updates and pilot training for the aircraft type has been undertaken, it said.

Failure to air and in space

Boeing recently ceased production of the 737 Max. The camps are full of almost 400 machines. Now the delivery of already built planes should start. Production staff in the factories should not be dismissed, but should be divided among other teams and other projects. However, this strategy could change if there is a change of management.

The Starliner space project was also unable to launch into space as planned. A software error probably caused malfunctions, so that the aircraft had to land on earth again. The 737 Max is also said to have crashed due to faulty software and sensors that were not redundantly installed. It remains to be seen whether new leadership in the company can restore its good reputation.

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