Deployment and operation of web applications: The XXL webinar from Heise


The deployment of modern web applications is becoming more and more complex. In-depth knowledge of containerization and cloud techniques has become indispensable for web developers. The Heise webinar on May 12th showshow containers work and how you can use them in practice. You will learn how the complex deployment also works securely in the cloud, how you manage user rights and how you can operate your Node.js applications in different environments.

In the webinar, the expert Golo Roden explains how containerization works and shows in a practical way how the technology can be linked to the Node.js runtime environment. In addition, with the help of many examples, participants learn how to guarantee the security of their applications in cloud environments and how to run their applications there. The expert is available to answer questions from the participants throughout the webinar and convey the knowledge in a playful way, with many examples and exercises.

The participation in the webinar costs 139 €, the subsequent access to the recording and the materials is included.

In April, May and June Heise offers the webinar series “Modern web development in practice” a practical introduction to the development of future-proof web applications. On a total of five dates, participants can continue their education in the four-hour online training with many exercises and practical relevance:

The webinars have a duration of four hours and take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participation in a webinar appointment costs € 139. If you book all five appointments at the same time, you can join a discounted combination ticket for € 429 save a lot compared to individual sales. All participants can not only look forward to a lot of practice and interaction, but also have the opportunity to repeat and deepen what they have learned with all the records and materials afterwards. You can find more information on the webinar series website, Exclusive group discounts are available on request from the organizers.


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