Developed COVID-19 Test With Phone Camera


University of California Santa Barbara researchers are developing a method by which you can find out if you have COVID-19 without the need for PCR testing, with an inexpensive (!) test kit that can only be purchased from a smartphone and a pharmacy.

COVID-19, is still one of the biggest problems humanity is dealing with. Scientists do not have a clear idea of ​​how long this situation will last. They say he may or may not be with us for years. If so Is it based on PCR testing??

Of course it won’t last, because it’s expensive. With this in mind, scientists at the University of California Santa Barbara, just your smartphones and is developing a test method by which you can find out if you have COVID-19 using simple lab kits. Moreover, it was effective not only for COVID-19, but also for the flu.

You can test on your phone for only 7 dollars

covid test by phone

With a very affordable price tag by US standards ($ 7) ‘How can using lab kits and smartphones be on par with PCR testing?’ (not right now, still in development) in case you are wondering, let’s explain it right away.

Here’s how the method works: The user is the one developed by scientists. ‘Bacticount’ downloads the application. Then your smartphone front camera turns it into a portable heater. Finally, a sample of oral saliva is placed in the $7 test kit and placed on the surface of the portable heater.


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This test scans the infected RNA on your phone’s camera. contains a reactive solution that will make it more obvious. screen when running the application to bright red If it returns, the result is positive. The app can also estimate the amount of virus based on how fast the color reaction occurs.

Do you think there will be a standard method that we can test such infectious diseases from the phone in the future? Please do not forget to express your thoughts in the comments.

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