Development environment: More accessibility with RStudio 1.3


The development environment RStudio has been released in version 1.3. The makers of RStudio worked on the accessibility, among other things through keyboard navigation and improved contrast ratios as well as visibility. This should make it easier for people with visual impairments to operate the development environment.

In addition, the update introduces a real-time spell checker that makes suggestions. Users can customize their own dictionaries. An integrated whitelist brings the common terms from data science along.

RStudio 1.3 built-in extensible in-IDE tutorial, provided by the learnr package. Another new feature is that the development environment saves settings and preferences in simple text files that users can save and manage with external tools. In addition, these files can be applied globally to all users on an RStudio server. Version 1.2 of the RStudio Server introduced a separate launcher for managing sessions.

With version 1.3, the IDE is more compatible with R 4.0 and iPad OS 13.1. The update also includes security adjustments such as safeguards against common types of attacks. The Pro version of the IDE also has some new features. More information about RStudio 1.3 can be found in the release notes on the RStudio blog.


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