DGB: Right to at least 24 days home office is clearly not enough

The German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) has criticized Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) ‘s plans for a right to work from home as inadequate. “The planned legal entitlement of only up to 24 days is clearly not enough. That means just one day of mobile work every two weeks,” said DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann. That hardly does justice to the needs of many employees. “Such a minimum requirement is a concession to employers who are still blocking the issue.”

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According to Heil’s draft law, employees should in future have a legal right to work from home for at least 24 days a year. An employer should only be allowed to refuse the request for mobile work if there are organizational or operational reasons for this. In addition, the Federal Minister of Labor wants to protect workers in the home office from excessively long working hours.

“It is good that Federal Minister Hubertus Heil is now working hard to promote self-determined mobile working and at the same time improve the protection of employees. The planned entitlement to home office is an important milestone for future work,” said Hoffmann. But it doesn’t go far enough. On the other hand, the structuring options for collective bargaining and company parties are clear progress.

“Basically, mobile work must be possible for employees under better conditions, but always voluntary,” emphasized Hoffmann. “It must not happen that employers have private rooms for their employees and simply rationalize offices in the company.


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