Did You Know That You Can Buy A House From Amazon? [pics]

Remember when you first time tried to buy something online. Maybe an online service or t-shirt. And you wrote your credit card info to a form and pray for no one steal your info. Well, that was so many years ago.

Now you can buy a house from Amazon!

Here are  15 stylish houses that you can buy Amazon now!

Click on the pictures to see the detailed features of the houses.

Who knows, maybe you click the “buy now” button and your house will come to your door.

1- ECOHOUSEMART | Timber Frame House – $39,976.00

2- Laminated Log House Kit $63,965.00

3- Laminated Log House $149,591.00

4- #tf-033 House $49,612.00

5- Lillevilla Getaway $18,800.00

6- Timberline $34,900.00

7- Ranger House $19,990.00

8- Sommersby House $8,360.00

9- Cozumel Park $64,900.00

10- Avalon House $32,990.00

11- Cliff Home $105,000.00

12- Eagle Point $46,900.00

13- Bella House $16,800.00

14- Eagle Vista $64,650.00

15- Richmond Barn $11,495.00