Differences Between Samsung Galaxy A Series and S Series


As you know, Samsung has several different smart phone series. The two most frequently compared series are Samsung Galaxy A series and S series. We have brought together the differences between these two series for you. Welcome.

Even if you have a phone brand you set in mind when you want to buy a smartphone, the models of this brand can be confusing. For example, we can take the Samsung smartphone series. Samsung has smartphone series such as Galaxy M, A, S, Note and finally Z Fold. The most preferred of these series are generally Samsung Galaxy A series and S series.

For you Samsung Galaxy A series We have compiled the differences between the and S series. In addition, we will explain which series is more advantageous in which subject for you. If you wish, let’s take a look at the difference between these two series without further ado.

Differences between Samsung Galaxy A series and S series:

  • Pricing
  • Performance
  • Battery life
  • Photo resolution and quality


Samsung Galaxy A series and S series

The biggest difference between Samsung Galaxy A series and S series is the price tags of smartphones under the series. The Samsung Galaxy S series is the series he drove he used to name his flagship phones. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S series, which competes with the most expensive phones on the market, just like its competitors. more expensive they are sold at the price.

Samsung Galaxy A series middle-upper segment It houses smartphones and the technical specifications of these devices are a bit more cropped compared to the Samsung Galaxy S series. However, as you can imagine, the average sales prices of the Samsung Galaxy A series are also compared to the Samsung Galaxy S series. less than.


Samsung Galaxy A

Another obvious difference between the Samsung Galaxy A series and the S series is the performance difference. Samsung Galaxy S series are upper-segment devices called “flagship”. The biggest factor that makes them like this is the high performance and technical capacity of the devices. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S series, which is the top segment of smartphones, has always been best equipped houses models.

The Samsung Galaxy A series, on the other hand, offered a lower performance experience than it is now. Galaxy A series in current models the average performance is very close to the S series. Nevertheless, Samsung tries to appeal to every consumer group by maintaining the difference.

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy A series

Battery life for a smartphone extremely important one issue. Battery life is also a controversial issue, especially when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S series and A series. Since the Galaxy S series phones are the top segment, the same performance is expected from the battery, ie energy consumption and fast charging possibilities. However, the biggest competitor of the S series in this regard is actually someone in the family.

Samsung is really sure about the battery life of the smartphone models it has released under the Galaxy A series. enormous doing a job. For example, even the Galaxy M51, which is in the most remarkable phones of 2020, has a 7,000 mAh battery. The situation has reached a similar point in the Galaxy A series. Because the durability of a battery is not just about its capacity. The processors of the Samsung Galaxy A series are capable of low energy consumption thanks to their processors in 8 to 11 nm architecture. However, they are one step behind, as the most advanced processors are in the S series.

Photo resolution and quality

Samsung Galaxy S camera

The Samsung Galaxy S series has extremely high quality lenses, as should flagship phones. Naturally, the models that always focus on providing the best photography experience come from the S series. The highest quality camera sensors developed by Samsung are used in the S series.

Samsung Galaxy A series, especially the latest models such as Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A81 pretty good They have camera lenses and have begun to offer flagship-level photography. However, when it comes to photography and video, it’s not just camera sensors. You need artificial intelligence for a good photo and a good processor for a good visual AI performance. For this reason, the S series is ahead of the A series with its processing capabilities.