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Furniture stores, drugstores and fitness studios: membership and bonus cards have become an integral part of our everyday lives. In addition to cash, they are most likely to be responsible for the fact that wallets are not only getting heavier, but also more confusing. With the new function offers Satispay also remedy here.

Digital map app as a further step towards an all-rounder app for everyday use

Users can scan and integrate any card into the digital card app that has a barcode and use it independently; In addition to membership cards for the fitness studio, for example voucher cards. A copy of the barcode is stored on Satispay, which can easily be called up. In this way, a payment process can be quickly and easily combined with the use of a bonus card within the app. This allows users to collect points and redeem credit, even if the wallet is not with them or simply left at home.

Eric Lein, Country Manager of Satispay in Germany, says about the new service: “With the introduction of this new service, Satispay is taking another step on the way to an all-round super app that offers instant access to any type of payment or money management. Our goal is to make the users’ wallets completely virtual and thus to simplify their shopping experience – from the customer card to payment, all in one application. ”

150 stores in Berlin – expansion to other cities

In Italy, the successful app is already the market leader in its segment. Especially with the many small amounts that we still like to pay in cash in everyday life in Germany, Satispay has had enormous growth rates here since it was launched.

The long-term goal is to become the most widely used financial instrument in Europe. Satispay has been available in 150 stores in Berlin since June 2020 and already has over 2,000 users in the capital. The offer is being continuously expanded and will soon be extended to other cities such as Heidelberg in Germany.

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