Digital corona vaccination pass: IBM, Ubirch and five blockchains


In a particularly urgent procurement procedure, the Federal Ministry of Health entrusted a consortium of IBM Germany and the blockchain specialist Ubirch with the development of a digital vaccination pass for 2.7 million euros. Five blockchains are supposed to secure the German vaccination certificate. The source code of the passport should be published and documented in full.

The decision in favor of IBM Germany was confirmed by the publication in European Official Journal known, with which the urgent procurement procedure started on February 25th was ended. According to the official gazette, the order for the digital corona vaccination pass has a volume of 2.7 million euros. IBM passes 51 percent of the order on to Ubirch, which has been advertising its blockchain-secured epidemic passport for a year.

The Cologne company Ubirch has after own representation Vaccination passports have already been implemented for the Bavarian district of Altötting and the Zollernalb district in Baden-Württemberg, in which an “anonymous fingerprint” is cryptographically signed for the vaccinated person in addition to the printed QR code and is cryptographically signed by Ubirch as evidence in a blockchain of Govdigital as well as four other blockchains. Govdigital is a government IT cooperative in which, among other things, Bundesdruckerei is involved.

Optionally, the vaccinated person should be able to save the code in a wallet on the smartphone. Ubirch managing director Stephan Noller had already declared a year ago: “A reliable corona status will be a very decisive feature in the next few months in order to be able to return to more normalcy.” Whether the digital vaccination pass, commissioned by the Ministry of Health, will be used to enable restaurants and hotels, for example, to decide who to grant access to, is not clear.

According to the current plans of the federal government, there should be no special state rules for vaccinated people, as is the case in Israel, for example. As stated in the tender by the Federal Ministry of Health, the digital vaccination card is “an additional option to the yellow vaccination card to document vaccinations. Instead of just being able to show the time of vaccination, vaccine and name in the yellow vaccination card, users will in future also be able to provide this information in a personalized, convenient way can save them digitally on their smartphones. ”

This vaccination certificate should not be confused with the medical information object (MIO), which is developed for the electronic patient file of insured persons and is intended to be a full replacement for the yellow vaccination record. The specifications for this vaccination certificate were published by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) last Friday released.


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