Digital discovery tours for International Museum Day


Virtual live tours, 360-degree tours and panel discussions: For the 44th time, the museums in Germany provided special insights into their work on International Museum Day on May 16 with a wide range of events. Where the Corona situation allowed, the museums also received their visitors on site – however, as in the previous year, most of the around 1500 planned events took place virtually.

However, the opening of the day at the Berend Lehmann Museum for Jewish History and Culture in Halberstadt had to take place as a purely digital event due to the pandemic (the live stream is available as a YouTube video). On the website of the action day Visitors were able to navigate through the various offers using an interactive map, for example.

The purely digital offers also have advantages, said the President of the German Museum Association, Eckart Köhne, in a digital greeting at the opening of the day of action. “In a few seconds you can travel from Halberstadt to Hamburg or from Rostock to Nuremberg.” Köhne emphasized the high social relevance of museums. They would bring access to “our cultural treasures” and joy in everyday life. “In the current crisis, we all long for places to meet, for inspiration and exchange,” said Köhne. “Museums offer this encounter.”

The patron of the Museum Day is traditionally the President of the Federal Council, this year Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff. The Corona crisis presented the museums with great challenges, said the CDU politician. Numerous long-prepared exhibitions should have been canceled or postponed. The “cultural pleasure” of visiting a museum was only possible to a very limited extent. “Despite these difficult circumstances, our museums have done a great deal to bring their offerings and stories to people’s homes in a creative way.”

Haseloff also emphasized the great social importance of museums in Germany. “A visit to a museum can open eyes, stimulate thoughts, arouse understanding and be entertaining.” The Berend Lehmann Museum, in which the opening event took place, is “a place that inspires us to think about where our future and society should develop,” said Haseloff. “Museums inspire the future” was the motto of the day of action this year.


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