Digital driving license: 3.8 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of the Interior


The Digital Driving License for Germany (DiFü) project is to be funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) with around 3.8 million euros over a period of four years, according to a response to a small request from the FDP. From January 2022, after a corresponding examination, it should be possible to issue a certificate with which citizens can prove their “digital skills”.

The association “Germany Safe in the Net” (DSiN) has been entrusted with the introduction of this new computer driving license. As DSiN reports, the digital skills are taught in six modules. There are also preparatory courses for the exam offered by the Federal Network “Digital Neighborhood”. By 2024, at least 500,000 citizens should be able to take courses for the DiFü and 280,000 pass the exam.

DSiN announced in the summer that a digital driver’s license to develop. This will be conceived as a “digital training and further education offer for a Germany-wide recognized certificate for the determination, promotion and proof of one’s own digital competence level”, explained the DSiN. In the DiFü training is the Digital neighborhood involved.

According to the DSiN spokeswoman Isabelle Rosiére, there is great interest in DiFü: “The demand for engagement comes from three areas: from companies that rely on digital employee qualification, from employee-related institutions that are committed to better career opportunities, and from technology providers who want to make a contribution to digital sovereignty in the sense of digital social responsibility. Their involvement was deliberately chosen because the topic requires commitment from the state, business and society. ”

The Federal Ministry of the Interior is funding the DiFü over four years with 3,882,600 euros, resulted in a small request from the FDP that heise online is available. The FDP demands a digital driver’s license since 2019, but in a “transparent frame”.

There are, however, differences about the required transparency. In its answer to the question about overlaps between the BMI and the DSiN, the federal government writes that the BMI is represented on the advisory board of the DSiN, but answers the question as follows: “The digital driving license project is designed and developed independently by DsiN . There are no personnel overlaps between the persons entrusted with the implementation of the project and the responsible ministry departments. ” However, the chairwoman of the advisory board of DSiN, Pia Karger, is head of department in the BMI department “Digital Society / Information Technology” (DG I). The funds were approved by the subdivision, DG I 1.

At the beginning of September 2021, one published by the DSiN ended Call for tenders for the information portalthat the digital driver’s license should be known. In the fourth quarter, DSiN wants to decide on further partnerships and funding opportunities. “We will also set up a DiFü advisory board that will review the balance and quality of content. Representatives from educational practice, academia, industry representatives and civil society will also be represented here,” says Rosiére.


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