Digital proof of vaccination: MEPs warn of huge traffic jams

The technology will be developed together with the e-health network of the member states. In essence, a digital signature is used, which consists of a private key of an authority or the issuer and a public one. The latter can be used by many bodies to verify the authenticity of the certificate. Otherwise, all you have to do is read a QR code and check the electronic signature. If necessary, special software should be developed for this.

The data protection officer Wiewiórowski, who had already worked out the risk of possible discrimination in a statement, above all does not want the certificate to be understood as a proof of immunity. There are still no verifiable empirical findings on this. Even if the system were viable from a data protection point of view, politics should not create a false sense of security among the population. In the fight against Corona, the tool can hardly score points, but the citizens could feel more like Europeans again.

Wiewiórowskir emphasized that a final clause was necessary. It must be clearly communicated that with the end of the pandemic there will no longer be access to the data. This point in time is not yet foreseeable, as the virus is likely to persist.


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