Digitization Collective Agreement: regulations for accessibility, home office and AI come


The German civil servants association wants to enforce a digitization collective agreement for the civil service with the union Verdi. "This is a joint action: We now go to Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer"said the Chairman of the German civil servants Association (DBB) Ulrich Silberbach the Stuttgarter Zeitung, In addition to the exclusion of redundancies "we have to deal with the new working methods", Employees expected regulations and protection in the areas of delimited work, permanent accessibility and home office.

Job market

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Likewise, it should be ensured that artificial intelligence is not used for monitoring and selection. "We want to define some cornerstones and offer the Ministry of the Interior a collectively agreed solution, on the one hand to provide security for the employees and, on the other hand, to increase speed through clear regulations."Silberbach said.

The DBB chairman goes, as he said, 'assume that the digitization collective agreement will play a role in the next round of income in autumn 2020', His experience was, "that employers say digitization costs money – in qualifying about – and must therefore be thrown into the big pot of collective bargaining"Silberbach criticized. "But we will not just accept this on the income side."

"Jurisdiction of responsibility" in the Federal Government

He also called for a clear federal and state strategy in digitizing public administration and complained "Responsibility confusion" in the federal government. their "Lineup is tricky"said the DBB boss. "We have a digital cabinet, chancellery chief Braun as coordinator, the state ministers Bär and Hoppenstedt, and we have staff members in every federal ministry and federal agency. Then we ask ourselves: is there anything more planned against each other than with each other? " People expected clear messages as to where to go, stressed Silberbach. This scuffling of politics from one day to the next and without setting goals not only annoys civil servants.