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Economic and social events do not stop at the car market. The Corona crisis has caused retail to drop to 2010 levels. In Germany, the number of new car registrations fell drastically from 3.61 million in 2019 to 2.92 million in 2020. In this situation, car dealers are required to adapt their business strategy to current developments.

Digitization in the automotive industry on the advance

Due to lockdowns and contact restrictions, digitization has also developed rapidly in the automotive industry in Germany. Today’s customers expect retailers to be able to buy online, obtain extensive information on the Internet and, if necessary, chat or receive online advice. This means that the automobile trade is expanding into additional sales channels and is therefore becoming more complex at the same time. If you want to keep up, you have to make long-term decisions about the direction of the business and about investments in digitization. YesAuto, the one-stop car marketplace, supports dealers in positioning themselves digitally.

Sebastian Rose, Head of Sales at YesAuto: “Every new trend is also a cost issue. The car dealer must decide whether it is a sensible investment in the future and whether a realignment or further development of the business is worthwhile. Ultimately, it comes down to the questions: What can I invest and what can I do in terms of implementation? With our high flexibility in dealer support, we can offer tailor-made solutions for increasing sales. Here we check exactly what is useful and feasible for the retailer. ”

Further development step by step

Many YesAuto partners first opt ​​for entry-level programs and then gradually expand them. This approach makes sense above all because day-to-day business naturally always has top priority. It doesn’t help if YesAuto generates a lot of new leads for the dealer via the online platform and the time for customer advice on site is running out. That is why the YesAuto experts work with the dealer to develop the ideal package for a suitable sales strategy. If desired, this also includes entry into digitization.

For example, the dealer can first consider presenting individual vehicles in 3D on the website or depicting a virtual sales room designed by YesAuto. The photography and digitization specialists of the online car marketplace create a perfect and trend-conscious appearance for the dealer. He simply provides the framework for the scope and costs and only needs to take care of the little things in the implementation. This saves him money and time to concentrate on his essential business. At the same time, the retailer keeps up with the digital development of retail.

Right at the forefront with the virtual trade fair

The absolute highlight is the YesAuto Virtual Car Show. At this digital trade fair, dealers can rent a virtual pavilion and help design it according to their own wishes in order to present their car models in 3D. Videos can also be integrated and there is also the option of virtual exchange. The Virtual Car Show will take place from September 6th to 10th. Interested dealers can register here and have a virtual presentation created at short notice by YesAuto’s team of digital experts.

“We are convinced,” says Sebastian Rose, “that with the comprehensive digital support of our partners we can advance the future of modern and trend-conscious car retailing.”

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