Disney Shows Off Lightsaber That Works Like Movies

On the Day of Star Wars, May 4, Disney made the move that fans had been waiting for a long time and shared its ‘real’ lightsaber with the world. The lightsaber opens straight through the hilt, as we see in the movies.

Since April Star Wars fans were waiting for something big to be revealed. This thing made by Disney It was the ‘real’ lightsaberI. The lightsaber, of course, cannot fulfill its function in the series. But unlike the swords we’ve seen so far, this sword really opens out and retracts from inside its hilt, just like in the movies.

Here came today, the expected moment, and as some fans guessed, Disney, On Star Wars Day, May 4 Real lightsaber produced officially showed. The lightsaber was featured in a short video on Disney Parks’ YouTube channel, which is the only place you can see it in real life. No information was given about the sword in the video and it was shown only when it was opened.

Disney finally revealed his true lightsaber:

New lightsaber, Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser otelinde to be exhibited. Customers entering the hotel will experience ‘a holiday experience that will go beyond anything Disney has created so far’, according to the company statement. Lightsaber can be purchased by customers.

Disney, your lightsaber still Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development announced that it is under development. There is no official statement about the price of the lightsaber, which is expected to be completed until the hotel opens. But considering that Disney’s regular lightsabers have a $ 200 price tag, the improved model to be a little saltier we can wait.


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In addition, some fans who saw the new lightsaber were obsessed with how the lightsaber works. Fans viewing Disney’s patents that it works like a motorized meterstated that when it is turned on, it stretches the plastic sheet and LED lights with it. We may have to wait a little longer to wonder what the lightsaber actually looks like.

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