Disney Shuts Down Studio Behind Ice Age Series

According to the information provided by Deadline, Disney has decided to close Blue Sky, the studio behind the Ice Age franchise, due to the financial collapse of COVID-19 in the movie industry.

The movie studio behind the Ice Age franchise, a true animation classic Blue Sky StudiosSays goodbye to the industry. According to the information transferred by Deadline Disneydecided to close the studio due to the financial situation caused by COVID-19, which almost destroyed the film industry.

Up to the present Ice AgeBlue Sky Studios, which has made many popular works such as Agents in Action, Rio and Robots, originally existed as the animation studio of 20th Century Fox, but Disney’s FoxIt was under Disney’s control with the purchase of the movie and TV show episode.

Disney plans to develop a Disney + production featuring Ice Age characters

blu sky studios

The shutdown of Blue Sky Studios will not end brands like Ice Age and Rio. Disney, the universes and characters of these brands owned by Blue Sky Studios will continue to take place in new projects. In fact, according to Deadline’s report, Disney is also planning to put on a Disney + production with Ice Age characters.

With the decision of Blue Sky Studios to close, the movie Agents in Action, which was released in 2019, was the studio’s last film. Expected to be released in 2022 Nimona The next adaptation named want animation production with the closing of the studio has been canceled.

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