Dispute over quality defects: Tesla stops Model 3 deliveries to Nextmove

The Leipzig-based electric car rental company Nextmove can not replenish its fleet with 100 vehicles from Tesla's Model 3 as planned. According to company CEO Stefan Moeller The US electric car manufacturer canceled the order after it came to dispute over the removal of defects on the already delivered 15 vehicles. Only one in four did not show any shortcomings, in some cases the vehicles were not even roadworthy. "Tesla has apparently arrived in the service hell"Moeller said.

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  2. Lidl Digital, Neckarsulm, Huckelhoven, Venlo (Netherlands)

Nextmove has therefore tried to agree with Tesla a process for defect-free delivery and timely repair of the vehicles. The car rental wanted to avoid cancellations of long-term leases. But in the end, Tesla had emailed to cancel the remaining order of 85 Model 3 worth 5 million euros, if Nextmove does not follow the usual payment and pick-up procedures. A Tesla spokesman, however, told the business service Bloomberg that Nextmove had canceled the order.

Dangerous defects

To the vehicle defects belonged according to Moeller defective tires, paint and body damage, defective charge controllers, wrong wiring harnesses or missing emergency call buttons. Such quality defects would have endangered the safety of customers and the economy of Nextmove. "All this shows that Tesla is in a service hell after at least the production hell seems to have been overcome, and we are not willing or able to hand over vehicles to a large fleet operator like us without serious flaws."Moeller said.

Another problem: Tesla have tried several times to sell cars as new vehicles that have already been approved for one person. "The acceptance of this model 3 would have meant that Nextmove would neither have benefited from BAFA funding nor could have claimed sales tax as input tax at the tax office", writes the company. According to Tesla, this problem was caused by multiple vehicle identification numbers and has since been eliminated.

"Best Electric Car in the World"

Despite the problems, Moeller continues to model 3 "for the currently best electric car in the world", He also shows understanding that "Tesla had to overcome the biggest challenges, because at the same time in Europe and China with the deliveries was started", Nevertheless, in his view, processes must have been established "that make it possible not just to hand over every fourth vehicle without any defects", has tested the Model 3 both in the USA and in Germany. In both vehicles, we noticed that the vehicle doors did not fall properly into the lock. Other obvious quality defects, however, the vehicles did not show. The Model 3 is available since February 2019 in Germany. Since then, more than 5,800 copies have been approved.