DJI Announces Its New Drone, Mini SE: Here’s the Price

DJI has announced its new entry-level and relatively affordable drone, the Mini SE. Combining the technical features of the Mavic Mini with the design of the Mini 2, the drone appeals to consumers who are looking for a drone for hobby purposes. The product, which is not clear whether it will come to Turkey or not, is already on sale in some countries.

One of the important representatives of the drone industry for daily use DJIintroduced a new drone. This drone, which has relatively small dimensions and appeals to consumers who are more in search of hobby purposes, “Mini SE“. So what does DJI’s new drone model promise to consumers?

DJI Mini SE, 20 minutes It has a structure that can fly without interruption. The drone, which has a wireless control range of around 4 kilometers, can take photos with 12 MP resolution with its camera, 2,7K It can shoot high resolution videos. The mini drone, which weighs about 250 grams, is another product of the company with these features.Mavic MiniIt seems almost the same as “.

Introducing the DJI Mini SE


When we look at the design of the DJI Mini SE, which is an entry-level product, we see that this drone matches the technical features of Mavic Mini. The design of the Mini 2 We can say that it looks like it was formed by combining it. As a result, DJI fans will not be surprised when they use and see this drone. they won’t be surprised.


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DJI Mini SE will not be available worldwide. According to the statements made by the company, only in some countries consumers will have the opportunity to purchase this drone. In this context, it should be noted that the drone is currently on sale in countries such as Brazil and Malaysia. If the price of DJI Mini SE is $ 325.

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