Dogs Can Memorize Names for 2 Months by Learning


Scientists studied the ability of 6 bordercollie dogs to learn the names of toys. As a result of the study, it was seen that dogs who learned up to 12 new toy names in 1 week kept these names in mind for 2 months.

Our animal friends are not only in various silly ways, but sometimes clever moves and their behavior can draw our attention to a great extent. According to the normality of the animals themselves, resembling humans movements are getting more attention. In this direction, it is thought that the act of animals that makes people the happiest and reflects their intelligence is the speech behavior. As a matter of fact, parrots come to the fore with these features.

Scientists determined by the Genius Dog Challenge and brought from various parts of the world 6 bordercollie dogs examined the ability to learn the names of toys. As a result of the study, the dogs Keeps over 100 names in mind detected. In the study, dogs who learned a maximum of 12 new toy names in 1 week were found to have these names. kept in mind for 2 months seen. The researchers suggested that this is a powerful model for studying the mental mechanisms involved in the vocabulary learning experience found in nonhuman creatures.

They proved they knew the names of more than 28 toys to participate in the research


Lead researcher Shany Dro of the Family Dog Project at Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary said in a statement.We know that dogs can easily learn words associated with actions such as ‘sit’ or ‘squat’. But very few dogs names of objects can learn. For over 2 years we have searched all over the world for dogs that have learned the names of their toys and we managed to find 6 of them.It was learned that the dogs participating in the study were Max from Hungary, Gaia from Brazil, Nalani from the Netherlands, Squall from the USA, Whiskey from Norway and Rico from Spain. that they know the name of the toy proofs had to.


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Claudia Fugazza, head of the research team, said:These gifted dogs can learn new toy names with remarkable speed. In our previous work, we named a new toy.after hearing it only 4 times We’ve seen what they can learn. However, they did not form a long-term memory with such a short suggestion.‘ he declared.

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