Domestic Technology Company Cerebrum Tech, Officially Announced

Erdem Erkul, one of the important names in the internet history in our country, announced the new technology company Cerebrum Tech. The company, which also opened offices in Ankara and Istanbul, Seoul, London and San Francisco, will continue to work on 7 technology branches.

The widespread use of the Internet and our lives become more and more digital, investors in our country continues to attract his attention. As such, the number of companies that will provide services on the internet and technology branches is increasing from good to good. The newest of these “Cerebrum Tech“Name was announced. The important roles in the development of the Internet in Turkey Erdem Erkul Ş. announced that it started to serve as of today.

Cerebrum Tech is a company that will serve in seven different technology areas. company. These areas are; robotics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, augmented and virtual reality systems and blockchain technologies. Erdem Erkul, who said that this company will open the way for young people in particular,formation of candidates to become global giants come from Turkey“It states.

“We want to inspire young people and open their way”

Cerebrum Tech

Erdem Erkul also touched on what Cerebrum Tech will do. In this context, Erkul opened a separate bracket for teens, the ratio of young population in Turkey in Europe at the highest level He said that this should be evaluated. Stating that they will also support young people in this context, the founder states that they will be with young people in terms of both training and entrepreneurship. According to Erkul, the active nature of the young population and their curiosity about this issue must be guided.


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Meanwhile, I cerebrum Tech is a company based in Turkey, will serve as the company’s in Turkey should not be interpreted. Because the company with its offices in Istanbul and Ankara today Alone, San Francisco and LondonIt opened its offices to serve in. Even being able to enter into service in more than one country at the same time is an indication of how ambitious Cerebrum Tech is.