Doomsday Trailer Experiencing Due To Weather In Texas

Disaster is happening in Texas, USA, due to a natural phenomenon that is unusual to see. “Climate change”, which is stated to be one of the biggest problems in the world as of 2021, has stopped life in Texas.

Bill Gates; from 2021 recently Covid-19He made a statement stating that he predicted that worse events would happen than. What is happening in Texas today is the most important indicator of how “climate change” can put people in a bad situation even in 2021.

Temperature for the first time in Texas since 1899 and 1989 It dropped below -20. Wind turbines are predominantly used for electricity generation. No electricity in Texas for hours. However, since Texas is a state with a hot climate, emergency measures of energy companies could not come into play.

Electricity Production Stopped in Texas

Natural gas, coal generators and wind turbines do not work. In the state where an emergency has been declared, power generation companies are currently working to give the electricity to the homes first. When the controlled electricity supply operation (zone by zone with interruptions) does not give results Texas people are trying to keep warm in their cars.

Since electricity cannot be supplied to the state, it tries to use the car chargers and air conditioners found in public vehicles. Due to the fact that such a great disaster was experienced in 2021 and that you could not be foreseen, this situation is met with reaction from the public.

Water Pipes Are In Completely Frozen

With cold weather and no electricity the water pipes also started to freeze completely. In Texas, where the hot climate prevails, the water from the city network also froze, as the cold air insulation was very low. There are water cuts throughout the state, and the downside is that the people do not have any clothes to wear during these seasons.

More than 5 million people cannot be provided with electricity, water and internet. Worst of all, it seems impossible to take patients on respirators to the hospital, as it has become almost impossible to open frozen and blocked roads.

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