Drones are supposed to supply British clinics with corona tests


In the future, drones will deliver corona tests and protective equipment between clinics in Great Britain. The government announced in London on Saturday that the “Apian” project had received approval from the British space agency. The service was founded by employees of the NHS national health service as part of a funding program.

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Compared to conventional courier services, the use of drones reduces the time and personnel expenditure and the risk of infection, emphasized employees of the start-up. Each drone can transport around two kilograms and, with its hybrid drive, reach a destination almost 100 kilometers away. It flies at a height of 90 meters even in bad weather.

Many British hospitals are overloaded during the Corona crisis and will soon no longer be able to cope with the onslaught of Covid patients. The north of England, parts of Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland are particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Medics are calling for a national lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far rejected this.

According to government information on Friday, almost 16,000 new infections had been reported within 24 hours. But it is expected that there will be a high number of unreported cases among the country’s 67 million inhabitants. The ONS statistics office assumes an estimated 28,000 infections per day in England alone. Due to an error with an Excel spreadsheet, 16,000 cases recently had to be reported.


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