Dropbox: password and credit card manager for companies

With several new features, Dropbox is once again focusing on the collaboration of distributed teams. Among other things, the developers are expanding the password manager introduced in mid-2020: The browser extensions can now record e-mail addresses and user names and fill them in with a password.

The update can also be used to save payment information, for example from credit cards. Users can share these and regular passwords with other users and manage their access centrally at the same time. Most of these functions are only available to paying business customers.

In the future, users will be able to convert files directly to Dropbox: On the one hand, the functions are aimed at images that should be available as JPG or PNG. But documents and presentations in Microsoft formats and digital books can also be output as PDF. Details can be found in den Release Notes.

Dropbox should also suggest suitable folders and documents for sharing with third parties. Administrators can view shared files in a new page in the management console. Filters for people, folders and file formats as well as link types are available here. Standard expiration times and password restrictions for shared links can also be set in the central sharing settings.

Files and folders shared with third parties can now be managed centrally.

(Image: Dropbox)

Those responsible also get new classification options for sensitive files. They receive warnings when they are potentially at risk – for example because they are no longer in a private folder, but in a folder shared with third parties.

The new photo functions, on the other hand, are primarily aimed at end users: Dropbox can save all images and videos on request and make them available on any device. Specific albums can also be moved to the cloud backup. The app can then remove the local files so that more storage space is available on the smartphone.

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