DualSense for Next-Gen Xbox Controllers


Phil Spencer, whom we know as the boss of Xbox, made statements about the innovations that will come to the Xbox side on the Kinda Funny Gamecast, where he was a guest. Spencer said that there will be changes in the controllers for the next generation consoles and that Sony has done a very good job in this regard.

PlayStation and Xbox often show us that the competition between companies can also take place in sweet ways. Although the two companies are of course trying to get ahead of each other, they do this not in harsh ways as we have seen in many other companies, but generally against each other sweet submissions they reflect in the media.

This allows companies to express their opinions about each other more easily. name on Xbox Phil Spencer, Kinda Funny Games He was a guest on his channel and made statements about the accessories we will see on the Xbox side in the future. Among other accessories Xbox controller Spencer, who also made a big impression in the game world, DualSense’in He said it could be an inspiration for the new Xbox controller.

There will be no rush in new devices:

Xbox DualSense

Although Spencer says it is working on many devices an enhanced controller He states that he is in the first place. Saying that Sony has done a very good job in the controller field, Spencer said from DualSense. can be inspired also added.

But for new devices they won’t be fast Spencer said that they will watch what happens on the Windows side and that they can come out here. opportunities He says they will wait.

Previously, in one of the user experience surveys, Microsoft told users who own Xbox Series X/S features available on PlayStation controllers. on their console He asked if they wanted to see it. This is the situation planned in advance and thus indicates that it is not new.


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PlayStation 5’in DualSense kontrolcüsü; enhanced trigger feeling, DualSense vibration motor and wireless charging It made a huge impact with its features. While the controller that Xbox currently uses is loved by the players, let’s see if Xbox can maintain the same satisfaction with its improved controller.

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