Dutch Company Defrauded Fenerbahçe 800 Thousand Euros


A Dutch company scammed the last installment due by convincing Fenerbahçe that it was the club they had to pay for the transfer. The club filed a lawsuit against the fraudsters after the transferred player complained about Fenerbahçe not being paid. Although the football player received his money, Fenerbahçe has not yet been paid.

Fenerbahce, one of Turkey’s leading sports clubs, has been victimized by an unbelievable fraudulent business. The club, which lost the money to fraudsters while trying to pay the last installment of a transfer made 2 years ago, almost 1 million euros.

Claiming to be the club from which the transfer was made A Dutch company convinced Fenerbahçe to make the payment to them. After losing this money, the club that could not pay the main player was sued.

Fenerbahce filed a lawsuit

miha zajc

Fenerbahçe bought Slovenian national football player Miha Zajc’s testimonial from Empoli in January 2019. for a testimonial 3.5 million euros Fenerbahçe had 1 installment to pay. The club paid the money, but the money went to an unrelated company from another country.

A Dutch car company introduced itself as Empoli and asked Fenerbahçe to pay the last installment of the fee. Transferring 831 thousand 929 euros to the account of this company, Fenerbahçe realized the situation later. Football player Miha Zajc, on the other hand, because he could not get his wages. He complained about Fenerbahçe to FIFA and demanded that the license be withdrawn.


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After the complaint, the club transferred the same amount of payment to the place where the payment was originally supposed to be made. He then sued the fraudulent company. The Gelderland court recently awarded the Dutch company He ruled that he should pay back to Fenerbahçe. Police are currently conducting a criminal investigation, according to a spokesperson. None of the suspects has been arrested.

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